Who Are We?

Seyann Electronics Ltd. is a tech company based in London, UK. We are focused on the development and expansion of on-demand and ecommerce platforms, built for emerging markets

We’re raising a second-seed round to achieve our vision.

Our Advisory Board is also expanding to accommodate experts who can guide us on this journey. Contact through the attached link to discuss these points further!

Our Purpose

Our goal is to enable fast and secure B2B, B2C and C2C interactions using modern technologies suited to the unique infrastructural and cultural complexities of emerging economies.


We are determined to become the premier digital point of trust between our multitude of consumers and sellers, and this is the central driver behind our flagship platform – The YOVA Network.

We’re leading a new paradigm for On-Demand Commerce in Emerging Markets

Online Marketplace

Our secure, digital and on-demand platform, providing trust & transaction-enablement.

Embedded Media Platform

Our internal media platform, delivering consistent, high-quality blog articles, video and social posts.


The facilitation of smooth and seamless physical deliveries directly via our Platform.

Retail ERP

Powering physical retail stores within our network by providing them with a built-in ERP system within our extended Platform.

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